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List: Customer Names

It takes me forever to write nowadays - primarily because I don't feel like getting onto the computer because I'm on it all the time at both of my jobs :) I'm either looking up appointments or scheduling people and their pets at the clinic or looking up test results on the internet OR I'm at the hotel putting in reservations or checking guests in or out. And now I'm going to go on a tangent.

Have you ever noticed that when you work at certain jobs, your customers are called different things? Like a hotel calls them guests, a restaurant they're diners...etc. Because I'm bored, I am now making a list :)

Hospital/Clinic -- Patient
Vet Clinic -- Client (animals = patients, not clients)
Convenience Store -- Customer
Hotel/Motel -- Guest
Restaurant -- Diner
Colleges -- Students/Parents (:D)
Fast Food Joints -- Customer
Sam's Club -- 'Members'
Insurance Company -- Clients
Theater -- Guest (?)
Pet Stores -- Customers
Furniture Stores -- Customers

The way I see it, if you're leaving a place with physical objects in hand (doggy bag not included), you're a customer. If you're leaving with nothing physical in hand but money has been exchanged, you're a client - a hotel/motel thing though is different because you're a 'guest' and you are temporarily living there. Diners (is that how it's spelled? I know that's how you spell it for a Diner, but not for the people themselves. I think so though). If you're a patient that's obvious, though now that I think about it, the vet clinic terms are similar to kids going to the doctor. The Clients would be the parents but the patients would be the child...

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Weekend last week (2 weeks ago? Crap! Can't remember!)
I'm going to go trolling LJ now :) Have a fantastic week!




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