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School and Spring

Yeppers, I'm still here. Just giving a quick update to tell you all I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth yet. Nothing much in my life happening except I might have two jobs plus school in the future. All work and no play = Lolo's possible future life. I'm actually at the library trying to get ahead on some of my homework - primarily my online classes since all I have to do for those is read the book and answer questions and the teacher will go through and grades them as the dates they are due come up. I'm think I'm in April's later assignments for my Human Relations class and later this month for my Changes and Choices. :) I'm actually enjoying these classes because dun dun dun - no human contact! Ugh - I've been major derpresso lately and I don't think that the cloud/weight/headache that has been around me these last few days (weeks?) is going to be lifting anytime soon? Can't wait to run in the sun again though. It's been slightly over freezing for about three days in a row for about three to four hours each day.
Perhaps spring is coming. At least something good is happening.

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