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I'm Alive!

Ack! I'm ALIVE!! Tired...but alive! I've been so pooped lately between the hotel having me full time, school, and figuring out a schedule for the vet clinic. I haven't surfed the web in...when was the last time I wrote someone? It would have been then.
I went to a movie last night with my mom - thats a little different for me since I usually go with my dad (We have the same taste in movies - fantasy and/or totally immature). We went to see 'How to Train Your Dragon' I loved it, 5 stars all the way, maybe 4 1/2 at least - mom gave it a one star :P Dad would have liked it.
Oh! We built Stephanella a new cage (my dad and I), I'll try to take some pictures of it soon hopefully - dad liked doing it so much he's thinking about making a small business with them.
I'll try to update more often, and/or manage my time better, but I like sleeping :D


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