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Some Things I Have Learned

1) While dogs feel better after having their their anal glands expressed, that doesn't make them like GETTING them expressed
2) Puppies are squirmy. Really, really squirmy.
3) Puppies don't like shots, and shots most dogs don't notice, puppies do.
4) Big dogs are hard to lift onto the table that also weighs them.
5) Cats that act like dogs are awesome.
6) Cats that act like cats are cats. Their a pain to restrain, but I love cats so :P.
7) Don't ask the vet what he has been doing when he comes in from a farm call and you wonder why he smells like he does. Chances are the answer will make you sick.
8) Dead pigs smell. A lot.
9) Always ask how to spell the drugs, there isn't 'regular' spelling in the world of medication.
10) I really, really wish I had pharmacology already...

Not much to say, today was actually a pretty boring day at work, but it was nice to. At least I got to learn more on shipping everything - very important to know :)

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